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Omaha Paternity Attorney

A Paternity action is brought to make a legal determination as to the father of a child. The issue of paternity arises most frequently where the parties have never been married. In that case, either the mother or the father may bring a paternity action. In some cases, the State of Nebraska will bring a paternity action on behalf of a minor child seeking support against the father of the child. However, issues of paternity can also arise as part of a divorce action.

As an Omaha paternity lawyer with nearly 30 years of legal experience, I am knowledgeable about paternity law in Nebraska. My staff and I can help you navigate through the complex issues surrounding paternity and its impact on other family law issues, including:

Honest Assessments

I will represent a mother or a father who wants to bring a paternity action. I also represent mothers or fathers when the state brings a paternity action. Whatever the context, I always give my clients honest assessments of their cases. I never sugarcoat my assessments in order to win new business. There are some benefits and some downfalls regarding the bringing of a paternity action, and I will help you navigate through these issues by giving you my honest legal opinions:

  • For mothers: Some mothers want to establish paternity as a way to obtain child support from the father. But on the other hand, they want to deny the father any visitation or child custody rights. It is impossible to have it both ways; once paternity is established, the father has responsibility for child support, but he also has visitation rights and the ability to seek custody.
  • For fathers: Conversely, some fathers want to have child visitation rights without paying child support. Once a paternity action is brought, a father will be required to pay child support. However, it is important to note that fathers of children born outside of the context of a legal marriage have no legally enforceable parental rights as to their children unless they establish their paternity.

Nebraska has a four-year statute of limitations for mothers or fathers bringing a paternity action. That means you must bring a paternity action within four years of the child's birth for it to be valid. If you are approaching that time limit, contact an attorney immediately. A different statute of limitations applies if the State of Nebraska brings a paternity action as next friend of the minor child(ren).

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